Shipping and delivery

Free shipping for all orders above €300

General delivery terms


Suitopia offers free shipping on all orders above €300! For orders below €300 there is an extra shipping and administration fee of €45.

Fabric samples

We offer free shipping on all fabric sample orders.

How long is the shipping time?

Production time of your garment is 2-3 weeks and then another 1-2 weeks for shipping. So in total expect between 3-5 weeks from your order to final delivery.

If you have ordered fabric samples, these will be sent to you by post within 1 week after your order and expect another 1 week for shipping.

Tracking my parcel

When your order is on its way you will receive a tracking number through email or a text to your phone.

We send your package with DHL, FedEx or UPS.

Track DHL parcel

Click this link to track a DHL parcel.

Track FedEx parcel

Click this link to track a FedEx parcel.

Track UPS parcel

Click this link to track a UPS parcel.

Can I order express shipping?

When you have placed your order it is sent directly to our production system. As long as the system does not want our customer service to ask you to double check the measurements, the production is started right away. This means that there is no queue time or other lead times that can be speed up.

How is my clothing packaged?

We carefully fold your garment and add needed emballage to minimize wrinkles. To minimize the climate footprint we keep the size of the package as small as possible and we have also decided to not include a hanger or separate clothing bag.

Can I cancel my order?

No, you can’t cancel your order.

After your payment has been processed the order is sent directly to production. Since your order is tailor-made and custom made according to your body measurements it will have the perfect fit for you, but not for anyone else. Read more about our purchasing conditions here.

Shipping and delivery